An unlucky group of fools


Jimandy and Dick Freelane came up with the racebar idea one night after a few too many drinks. He enjoys rebuilding racebar's engine after every race, Long walks on the beach, and wearing Hawaiian shirts. When he isn't working on cars, you will find him flying airplanes for the Navy.




Dick is the team founder. Additionally, he is our team mustashe man. Dick was born for Racebar. When the cars break, and oh yeah they break...like all the time, Dick grabs the nearest pliers and bailing wire and replaces a clutch while machining a guibo out of a rock. He can fix anything! When Dick isn't making Racecar sounds, you will find him managing a BMW repair shop in Richmond, or sailing on the Chesapeake.



Vice President of Beer

When you first meet Racer-X, you might think that he is polite, smart, and sophisticated. But when he gets around Racebar, he turns into a completly different person. Out comes the party, and off come the clothes! Racer-X is a wild man. He also knows how to drive a car in circles. When Racer-X isn't racing, you will find him brewing beer for Gloucester Brewing Company in Glouster, VA or doing engineery neerdy IT things.



Supply specialist

Concieved during an LSD infused Jewish frat party in 1968, Shitty bang, has been bouncing around working on cars his entire life. "Shitty" as we like to call him, is the teams parts and people guy. He has connections all over the country and is able to get parts as well as legal and illegal supplies for the team whenever and wherever they need it. Shitty is an executer. If someone throws an idea out there, he is on it like a bear on honey. You say jump off that bridge, and he says "oh I have guy that will let us borrow a parachute. When Shitty isn't procuring parts, you will find him being his own boss making small gears for people all around the world.



Hair Specialist

Will Plowher is our hair guy. It might be 3 am in the middle of a 24 hour race and everyone else is dripping in sweat, and Mr Plowher will still have perfect hair. He is also our trivia representative and knows all things racing. When Will isn't hugging or bothering Victoria, you will find him writing for a prominent new organization in Chicago.

Trainer with Grey Top


Social Chair

Facepunch. Enough said.


Team Mascot

Veronica, or just Vee for short, is our team mascot. She is a manikin.

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