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24 Hours of Lemons / Champcar Racing

Racebar the Racecar (S1:E6 What We Do)
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Racing for fun

 Racebar is a Hampton Roads – Richmond based social club that prides itself in its love for adventure, openness to all, and the betterment of those around us. Like a bull in a china shop, Racebar takes on challenging missions by inspiring others to break the shackles of social preconceptions, lack of knowledge or skill, or physical barriers. In this way, Racebar encourages others to be the best person they can be. There are three realms of influence which Racebar constantly seeks to improve. We gauge our mission success based on how closely we adhere to our core principles and influence others in these realms. The three realms of influence are:

1. Self: We seek to better each member of Racebar. In this way, by pledging your commitment to Racebar, we pledge our commitment to make you a better person. We want each and every Racebar member to be a leader of people. To do this, you must first take care of yourself. We will support you along the way.

2. Team: Racebar seeks to build the team. We are constantly working to find what is best for Racebar.

3. Others: Racebar never judges and always seeks to help improve the lives of those around us. Our goal is to bring a smile to everyone we interact with.

     The team started with RaceBar, originally a 1984 BMW 733i, and quickly added “LaserShark” (a play off of the shark nose front), originally a 1985 BMW M635CSI Euro. We are currently in the process of adding "Racebar - Red Rocket" a 1987 BMW 325i, and "Mandingo" a 1995 BMW 325i.


     As you look at RaceBar, every paint mark, broken metal, tape, dent, modification has a memory. This car is a treasured working piece of art to our team. Anyone is welcome to add to this "artwork" at anytime. Next time you see RaceBar, consider adding your own mark.

In addition to endurance car racing, our team also participates in relay running races, brewery parties, drivers education events, bbq's, and many other social activities.

    We are always looking for skilled mechanics, drivers, beer drinkers, website designers, social media ninja's, camera operators, or just groupies. Send an email if you would like to contribute.